Parents, Read “Blotch” To Your Kids!

This past week I was in sunny Phoenix, Arizona for the 2017 Southern Baptist Convention. Walking through the exhibit hall I ran into Andy Addis, pastor of Crosspoint Church in Kansas. He gave me a copy of his recent book Blotch: A Tale of Forgiveness and Grace. It’s an illustrated children’s book designed to help you teach your kids the gospel. And it’s fantastic.

Parents, read this book to your kids!

3 Things Jesus Never Did That Many Christians Do

If you call yourself a Christian, then you are an evangelist. It’s not up for debate or discussion. If you follow Christ, you’re an evangelist. And that’s true because Jesus said His purpose and mission was “to seek and save the lost.” He came as a missionary. He came as an evangelist. And Christians follow Christ.

3 Things Jesus Never Did That Many Christians Do

So, the questions isn’t whether or not you are an evangelist. The question is whether or not you do evangelism. And more importantly it’s whether or not you do evangelism like Jesus.

Below you’ll find three things Jesus never did that many of His followers do.

The Gospel in Four Steps

The gospel is everything. It’s the lifeblood of the local church. It’s the heartbeat of the Christian life. It is our hope. It is our treasure. And it is the message that the risen Christ has commissioned us to proclaim throughout the entire world.

The Gospel in Four Steps

But if we’re being honest for a second, the gospel is a little bit confusing, isn’t it?

For most of us articulating the gospel is a lot like explaining to your friend how to put together her new IKEA furniture. Sometimes it’s just easier to watch a tutorial on YouTube.

But it doesn’t have to be confusing. It shouldn’t be confusing. In fact, it can’t be confusing. Too much is on the line for us to get this message wrong.

Something to Think About On This Good Friday

Listen. Jesus came into the world and died to save sinners and I, Chase Lamarr Jones, am the very WORST sinner of all…But God had mercy on me so that He could use me as an example of His patience with the worst sinners. That way YOU, yes you reading this now, can see that you’re NOT too messed up to receive forgiveness and eternal life.

3 Thoughts On Good Friday