Do You Know What It Means To Believe?

Faith matters. It matters to my blog because the purpose of this blog is to help you connect your faith to your life. But it’s more important than that. The Apostle Paul says, “By grace you have been saved through faith” (Ephesians 2:8, ESV). In order to find salvation in Christ, you must believe. But what does it mean to believe?

What Does It Mean To Believe

You’ve heard the phrase “take a leap of faith.” That’s how most people think of faith. It’s a step off the ledge into uncertainty. It’s not really reasonable. You can’t really prove it. There is no evidence. You just have to believe.

But is that what faith really is? Is that how the church has historically understood the nature of faith? I don’t think so.

Below you will find the three aspects of genuine faith.

You Can Know God

One of the most fundamental truths that Christianity teaches is that you can know God. Think about that for a minute. You can know God. You can have a personal relationship with the One who created the universe. You can connect with the One who holds all things together. You can meet the one seated on heaven’s throne. You can experience intimacy and relationship with the very One who knitted you together in your mother’s womb.

You Can Know God

You can know God.

It’s an incredible truth that will change your life forever.

How is this possible? It’s possible because God has made Himself known.

Here are three ways He has done that.

Something to Think About On This Good Friday

Listen. Jesus came into the world and died to save sinners and I, Chase Lamarr Jones, am the very WORST sinner of all…But God had mercy on me so that He could use me as an example of His patience with the worst sinners. That way YOU, yes you reading this now, can see that you’re NOT too messed up to receive forgiveness and eternal life.

3 Thoughts On Good Friday