Mark Batterson On Why You Should Find The Bible Remarkable

I didn’t always find the Bible to be remarkable. In fact, for most of my life I found it mysterious and next to impossible to understand. That changed for me around the age of twenty-two when I encountered God in an unmistakable way that left me forever changed. After that, I no longer saw the Bible as an irrelevant, ancient book that could be left confined to a shelf collecting dust.

Mark Batterson On Why You Should Find The Bible Remarkable

From that moment forward I just couldn’t put it down. And I didn’t. And I haven’t.

I love the Bible. And I pray to God I continue loving the Bible until the day I die.

Mark Batterson On Why You Should Find The Bible Remarkable

I recently listened to a sermon by Mark Batterson, lead pastor of National Community Church in Washington D.C., and author of several books including New York Times Bestseller The Circle Maker

In his opening statements he unpacked some of the truths that make the Bible so remarkable–for believers and unbelievers alike.

Here’s what he said,

The Bible is a big book. In fact, it’s 66 books. It’s 773,692 words, but who’s counting? It has 40 human authors that, I believe, were inspired by God. Farmers and fishermen. Poets and prophets. Doctors. Tax-collectors. Kings. They wrote on three different continents in three different languages over fifteen centuries. It covers every subject under the sun. You’ve got romantic comedies. You’ve got tragedies. You’ve got action, adventure. There’s some musicals. And there are tons of documentaries. What I’m getting at is this: the Bible, no matter whether you believe it to be the inspired word of God or not, you’ve gotta give me this, it is the longest longitudinal study in history. It’s an amazing compilation of stories. It reveals human nature in remarkable ways–what’s right and what’s wrong. And it reveals the character of God–who He is and who He is not.

There is no other book like the Bible. The best thing you and I can do is open it. And read it. And allow the God who breathed it to grip us with it and change us by it.

If you do that, I promise your life will never be the same.

Start Reading The Bible Today!

You can watch or listen to Mark’s full sermon here.

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