4 Encouraging Scriptures Every Christian Should Memorize

Growing up in I sang in the kids choir at church. And I remember singing this Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith song from the eighties called Thy Word. It’s based on Psalm 119:105 which says, “Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path” (NLT). The point of the song and of the Scripture is that we need God’s word to guide us through life. It was true for me as a kid. But as an adult I understand my need more than ever.

5 Encouraging Scriptures Every Christian Should Memorize

Life is a journey. And a lot of times it feels like we’re stuck, trying to find our way in the darkness. God’s word provides the light we need to make good choices and live the life He has called us to live.

The best way to stay on the right track is to memorize passages of Scripture.

Here are 4 encouraging Scriptures every Christian should memorize.

3 Things Jesus Wants Every Follower to Do

Have you ever wondered, “What is God’s will for my life?” Or have you ever asked yourself, “What does Jesus want me to do?” If you have, don’t worry. You’re not alone. I think a lot of people wonder the exact same thing.

3 Things Jesus Wants Every Follower To Do

What you may not know is that two days before Jesus was betrayed by one of His closest friends, tried in secret, falsely convicted and unjustly killed, He answered that question. You can read it in Matthew 25.

It can all be boiled down to three things.

Here they are.

How To Find A Local Church Worth Joining

Finding a good local church matters more than you can imagine. That’s because the local church isn’t simply a place you to go once a week. The local church is an embassy of the kingdom of God. It’s the place where heaven meets earth. It’s where Christ followers assemble to proclaim His lordship and grace before the eyes of the watching world. Nothing could be more important than that!

How To Find A Local Church Worth Joining

But there are so many churches out there. Some of them vibrant. Some of them dying. So how do you find a good local church?

Here’s 5 things to consider before joining any church.

5 Ways You Can Grow Closer In Your Relationship With God

The most important relationship you can have in life is your relationship with God. God wants to know you, and He wants you to know Him. But just like any meaningful relationship, growing closer to God takes work. It doesn’t happen by accident. And it doesn’t happen by mistake. Cultivating your relationship with God takes discipline and intentionality. But the reward is well worth the effort.

Closer Relationship to God

Here are 5 ways you can grow closer to God.

How To Choose A Bible Translation That’s Right For You

Reading, studying and memorizing Scripture is essential to every Christian life. Jesus compares the impact reading the Bible has on your spiritual life to the impact eating food and drinking water has on your physical life. You simply can’t have a healthy spiritual life if you don’t read the Bible.

Bible Translation

But there are a lot of Bibles out there. Some of them are easier to read than others. And some of them are more accurate than others. With so many options available, how do you know which one to choose?

Here’s how to pick a Bible translation.

The Single Person’s Guide To Surviving Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day. And all over the country grand gestures will be made to prove to significant others and to the whole world how in love people are. Chocolates will be eaten. Movies will be watched. Flowers will be bought. Probably people will get engaged. It’s going to be super romantic.

Single Valentine's Day

And here you are single. Flying solo. And missing out.

And trust me. I get it. I’m married now. But I can still remember many holiday’s when I didn’t have my bride by my side.

And it’s easy to get down when it seems like the whole world is celebrating love and you aren’t.

So what can you do?

Here are three things you can do to survive Valentine’s Day when you’re flying solo.

The Best Gift You Can Give Your Girl This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is right around the corner. The radio stations are blowing up with ads telling you what you should get your girl this year. Chocolates. Strawberries. Flowers. A diamond necklace. And we’re just getting started here. So, if you’re like a lot of guys, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “This could get expensive!” And you’re right. It could.

Valentine's Day

But what if there was a gift you could give your lady that wouldn’t break the bank? What if you could give her something that she’d value far more than candy or jewelry?

Here’s the best gift you can give your girl this Valentine’s Day.

3 Things Jesus Never Did That Many Christians Do

If you call yourself a Christian, then you are an evangelist. It’s not up for debate or discussion. If you follow Christ, you’re an evangelist. And that’s true because Jesus said His purpose and mission was “to seek and save the lost.” He came as a missionary. He came as an evangelist. And Christians follow Christ.

3 Things Jesus Never Did That Many Christians Do

So, the questions isn’t whether or not you are an evangelist. The question is whether or not you do evangelism. And more importantly it’s whether or not you do evangelism like Jesus.

Below you’ll find three things Jesus never did that many of His followers do.

How I Lost 35 Pounds in 12 Months Without Exercising

I never had trouble keeping thin. Growing up, my metabolism was beastly. I remember in Middle School when I finally broke 100 pounds. I wanted to throw a party. It was a big day for me. The doctor used to tell me every year at my annual check up, that eventually my metabolism would slow down, and I’d gain weight. I never believed him.

Lost 35 Pounds

But he was right.

Wedding PhotoMy wife and I got married in 2012. I weighed a whopping 150 pounds.

That’s a picture of us cutting the cake. Just two young kids madly in love. Got our whole life ahead of us.

Little did I know that only two short years later I’d be breaking 200 pounds.