Parents, Read “Blotch” To Your Kids!

This past week I was in sunny Phoenix, Arizona for the 2017 Southern Baptist Convention. Walking through the exhibit hall I ran into Andy Addis, pastor of Crosspoint Church in Kansas. He gave me a copy of his recent book Blotch: A Tale of Forgiveness and Grace. It’s an illustrated children’s book designed to help you teach your kids the gospel. And it’s fantastic.

Parents, read this book to your kids!

A Tale of Forgiveness and Grace

blotch iconBlotch is a fantastic children’s tale about a little boy (his name is Blotch) who can’t help but notice the spots and stains all over his body. But not just his body. Everybody he knows has these blemishes. And to make matters worse every time someone does something wrong, they get a new spot. Poor Blotch wants nothing more than to rid himself of his stains. But he doesn’t know how. Neither does anyone else.

The story progresses as Blotch goes on a journey to discover whether or not anybody knows how to solve this problem it seems everyone has. He meets different groups of people along the way. The Hiders who try to cover up their imperfections. The Pretenders who act as if they don’t have any blemishes. And the Pointers who blame other people for their circumstance.

Ultimately little Blotch meets the King who knows how to take his stains away. And that’s exactly what happens. Made brand new, Blotch can’t help but tell everybody he knows about his great king.

4 Reasons to buy this book.

#1 The Story is Compelling

After Andy gave me his book, I sat down intending to check out the first chapter. But I read the whole thing. Then I turned to a pastor friend of mine and said, “Hey you need to check out this book!” The story is simple and compelling. Enjoyable even for adults.

#2 The Illustrations Are Great

Tatio Viana illustrated the book. He is a self taught artist from Madrid, Spain who has been illustrating various projects since the early 2000s. The illustrations are attractive and unique and really bring the story to life. Your kids will love it.

#3 Clear and Simple Gospel Presentation

All the components of a clear and simple gospel presentation are present in the book. The gospel is certainly presented in a way that a child can grab hold of. Little Blotch confesses, repents and trusts in the King for cleansing.

#4 Fantastic Discussion Questions

Every chapter comes with a suggested activity that reenforces the main point of that chapter, along with several discussion questions to help you lead your children in conversations about Jesus.

For example, the discussion guide for chapter one defines sin as “missing the mark of what God has for us.” The activity is to throw paper balls into a basket and see who can make the most. Then there are a series of questions and a Scripture verse to help you share the gospel with your kids.

Pick Up Your Copy Today!

You can pick up a copy of Blotch at your local LifeWay, or you can order it from Amazon. Right now, the Kindle version is only $3.99. But I’d recommend you pick up the hard copy on sale now for $7.06.

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